Coach Terry Waldrop
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"Terry has been a welcome addition to our sports talk radio team at ESPN 97.7.

 Whether he’s hosting his own 1 hour weekly show or co-hosting one of our other local sports show, Terry always has an opinion on the world of sports and beyond.

 Our listeners appreciate a Coach who’s been on the national stage and can give his perspective on athletics and specifically coaching college teams. He doesn’t talk in “coach speak”,  but expresses things in a way everyone understands.  I never have to ask him to “tell us what you really think”, because he always does. "

 Gary McKenney, General Manager ESPN 97.7 Monroe, La

Coach Waldrop's winning percentage, conference championships, national championship, and graduation rate are all well know across the country. Very few in our profession have coached at the levels he has and achieved  the level of success he has had at each stop along the way. What the numbers don't tell you, which is most important, is the character he has! He is far more concerned with the person off the floor and in the classroom, than he is the player on the floor, and that is why his success is annual, because the relationships he has are lifelong.


 - Brent "Buzz" Williams - Head Basketball Coach, Marquette University

"ENERGETIC. PASSIONATE. DRIVEN. WINNER - These are words often used to describe  Terry Waldrop. I have known Terry for only a couple years but  he has been a great mentor during my coaching career. He has helped me with my confidence to handle any situation in my career."

- Byron Rimm II, Head Men's Basketball Prairie View A&M University

"There are two things that have always impressed me about Terry . First is how much he cares about people. He gets up in the morning thinking about what he can do for them as players and as people. And once you are around him  he's always in your corner working for you. Second, is his work ethic. Nothing inspires me more than people looking to get better and that's Terry."

- Bob Starkey, Associate Head Women's Basketball Coach- Texas A&M University

"My relationship with Coach T goes beyond the regular "player-coach" relationship. I consider him like a big brother to me. He is a big part of the reason why I graduated from college, played in the NBA, and have a great career in the best league in Europe (Spain). As a international student learning English for the first time, every night he would work with me. He took me under his wing, not only as a coach, but as a tutor and mentor. Coach T's daily lessons have become lesson's for a lifetime, things I have shared with my children, and I am grateful to call him my friend.

- Ruben Garces
- Golden State Warriors, Phoenix Suns, NBA

"Coach Waldrop has done an amazing job. as every year he has teams that can compete with just about anybody in the country. It is obvious that his players love to play him."

- Scott Cross - Head Basketball Coach, UT-Arlington

"Terry Waldrop has experienced tremendous success over the years. You don’t become a National Champion without knowledge and work ethic. Terry has always been passionate about our game and young people since our days together at  Northeast Louisiana University."

- Bob Marlin - Head Basketball Coach, University of Louisiana-Lafayette

I tremendously enjoyed my trip with Paradise Sports and the Flying Hawaiian Classic . It was a  great opportunity for students to get to play in a good environment in Hawaii and for coaches to get to evaluate and work with players from all over the country.  Coach Waldrop has put together something really special with Paradise Sports and there is no doubt it will grow more each year.

- Dan Hays, Head Basketball Coach and Hall of Fame member, Oklahoma Christian University

I loved  my involvement with Paradise Sports and getting to work  with the student athletes in Hawaii. It is a great chance for college coaches to see many different athletes from all over the country. I think the Flying Hawaiian Classic will be something we remember for a long time.

- Irma Molina Cross Country Coach, Texas Wesleyan University

This was an incredible event and something the students and parents really enjoyed.  I had a great time and the staff Coach Waldrop put together was the best I have ever been around. I have already been asked by quite a few players about next year.  I am counting the days until I go back !

-Jared Keaveny, Team Dakota Head Coach

I was very pleased to see the level of volleyball was very competitive and it was an exceptionally well thought week and the mainland kids and parents seemed to have a blast !  This will become a much bigger event and our Hawaiian teams are looking forward to the challenge !

-Deb Amaya, Hawaii Select Volleyball Coach

Paradise Sports, Coach Terry Waldrop and the coaching staff did an outstanding job. My student athletes have never stopped talking about all the great experiences and the friends they made while in Hawaii. The trip was well organized and planned down to the last detail. The Arizona Memorial was a big highlight of the trip.  The Flying Hawaiian Classic gave all players an opportunity of a lifetime.  Not only did they get to play volleyball in Hawaii, they learned about the Hawaiian culture.  I would recommend Coach Waldrop and his staff at Paradise Sports, to anyone, for the trip of a lifetime.


Rich Wilson Volleyball Coach, Centura Schools,Cairo, NE

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